Flying to Lake Tahoe

I flew up to Lake Tahoe in January for a 3 day weekend of skiing with a group of friends. The Sacramento Valley was a sea of fog 100 miles wide lapping at the feet of the Sierras.

Crossing the Echo Summit Pass at 11500' you can see the whole Tahoe basin. The winds were light so it wasnt too bumpy.

The South Lake Tahoe airport is at 6254' (the white corridor running perpendicular to the lake in the center of this photo) so it requires a fairly rapid descent from the pass just 5 miles to the south. After all my anxieties about landing at high altitude I floated in (ok, I was going a little fast) to a smooth landing.

The trip home to Oakland with the whole Bay Area under overcast conditions was a another story, and I was in no mood to take pictures. But it has prompted me to start taking lessons for my instrument rating.


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