Flying Adventures

I have always thought it would be amazing to learn how to fly but somehow it seemed too out of reach to seriously consider. After mucking around with Microsoft Flight Simulator for a while and reading a few personal accounts of learning to fly on the web, I decided it was time try it out for myself.

I started taking lessons on January 29th 2002 and I passed my checkride for my private pilot's license on Aug 2. On Jan 18th, 2003 I had my first instrument lesson, and squeaked through the instrument checkride on July 11th. Since then I've added a complex endorsement and been checked out in a Piper Arrow on Jan 10th 2004, and I'm hoping to start working on a tailwheel endorsement soon.

Here are some photo's chronicling that experience and some of the places I have been with my new-found priviledges.

First Solo, March 2002
The Practice Area, April 2002
First 'Cross-Country' Solo, June 2002
A San Francisco Bay Tour, Sept 2002
A Skiing Weekend in Tahoe, Jan 2003
Lunch at Half Moon Bay, March 2003
Day Trip to Shelter Cove, April 2003
A Visit to Santa Barbara, Sept 2003


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