Flying over San Francisco

Now that I have my pilot's license and I am flying more for fun, I have joined a new flying club, based at Oakland airport (Alameda Aero Club). This is closer to San Francisco where I live and the club is a better place to rent a plane for a longer trip than the flight school where I started flying.

One exciting part of flying out of Oakland is the fantastic views of downtown San Francisco, Alcatraz, and of course the Golden Gate and Bay bridges.

It was a pretty typical late summer day in San Franciso. Blazing sunshine downtown and a blanket of fog reaching in from the ocean to cover the park. Here we have the view of the Golden Gate bridge from above at about 2800 feet, with Baker Beach in the background.

Pictures just dont do it justice, as I am sure you will agree if you have a couple of minutes to wait for this video clip (500Kb) to download. I took this as we headed back towards San Francisco.

Then I asked for a 'Bayshore transition' and clearance to enter San Francisco airspace, and we flew over San Francisco at 1900 feet, right over my house in the Mission (I was too busy flying to snap a picture unfortunately), and then down past San Francisco airport, keeping our eyes peeled for the big guys.

We then followed highway 101 south past San Carlos and Palo Alto airports, got cleared through San Jose airspace and cut across the Bay toways Hayward where I practiced a few landings and then we headed home to Oakland.


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