Michael's Big Trip

Thursday, July 20, 2006


I moved out of my apartment in San Francisco in March 2005 and ended my trip by moving in with Katie in Boston in May 2006. Although I did end up going all the way around the world, the route was determined more by seasons, airfare restrictions and personal commitments than a logical progression from one continent to another. The trip really consisted of three main stages.

  • Central America (March - June 2005)
  • South America (August - November 2005)
  • South East Asia and Australasia (Jan - May 2006)
Between Central and South America I returned to the United States to visit Katie in Boston and squeezed in a two-week trip to Alaska. After Brazil, I also came back to spend Christmas with Katie before we both left for Asia together with a stop in London to see family.

In the maps below routes in blue are by air, and those in red are by land or sea.

The sidebar to the right allows you to jump into the blog at the start of any particular country or particular month. [I just found out there's a problem with this though - the country links initially take you to the right place, but as all the images load the page scrolls up and you end up a little bit above the correct section - the workaround is to wait for all the images to load, then hit Back and select the county link again (once the images are cached in your browser the links work correctly)].


Central America

South America

South East Asia