Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Swimming with the fishes

On Koh Tao, Katie did the Open Water course which is what I did in Honduras last year, and I took the Advanced course that introduced me to deeper dives (30m) and night diving. Katie seems to have enjoyed it and I was happy that I didn't encounter any more of the equalization problems.

The visibility underwater has been poorer than usual which is disappointing, but nothing we can do about that. The island is beautiful and the weather has been perfect.

I love the feeling of getting out of the shower dripping wet, and being dry a few minutes later. I have been meaning to get another haircut, after the last one (in the 'brothel' in Vietnam - see Katie's blog) left me a bit lopsided. So I took the plunge and had a number 2 buzzcut, which is definitely a new look, and pleasantly cool in the sea breeze.

We were curious to see what Thailand's west coast was like so we took a ferry and bus to Krabi and then another ferry the next morning to the island of Koh Lanta.

We are planning to spend 3 days here doing very little and have treated ourseles to a place with a nice pool and a view out over the Andaman Sea.


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