Thursday, June 18th, 2009

24 weeks / 2 years 3 months

After 4 months of screeching, Claire has finally outgrown her fussiness. She's smiling a lot now and interacting with Sam. She loves watching him play and they giggle at each other at the dinner table.

Claire continues to sleep through the night which is a gift. She sleeps from about 7:30pm to 5am. We have her crib in the guest bathroom right now so that she can be on the same floor as us without disturbing Sam (or us). Katie calls it her en-suite bedroom.

Sam brought home his first piece of original art from daycare the other day and we have it hanging from the fridge.

He is babbling away now, and frequently amazes us with his memory of words and events that we wouldn't have expected him to remember.

He climbs up on everything and has learned how to move a chair around so he can get up onto counter tops and other places he shouldn't be, like the window sill in his bedroom.

So we find ourselves having to watch him pretty closely again or else he gets himself into trouble.

Hopefully it wont be another 3 months before the next blog update.